3D printers

Used to build three-dimensional ABS models, check out our cutting edge technology 3D printers.

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers (two available)

A great all-around 3D printer, the Ultimaker 2+ is reliable, efficient and user-friendly. It supports a wide range of materials, so is suitable for many applications, from prototypes to customized tools.
Features include:

  • An innovative feeder allows you to easily swap filament and choose the correct pressure
  • Easily switch between 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm nozzles for greater detail or faster print speed
  • The new fancaps ensure the airflow is aimed perfectly below the nozzle and equally from both sides.

Ultimaker 2+ Specs

  • Build volume. 223 x 223 x 205 mm
  • Materials. Open filament system / Optimised for PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A
  • Layer resolution. From: 600 micron. Up to: 20 micron
  • Build speed. Up to 24 mm³/s
  • Travel speed. Up to 300 mm/s

Formlabs Printer Pack

Form 2 Printer

The Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D printer is a very advanced desktop 3D printer for printing biocompatible models.

Formlabs Form Wash

Simple to use, you just set the appropriate time and let Form Wash get to work. It takes about 15 minutes when using fresh isopropyl alcohol (IPA). While you’re away, parts are cleaned through precise agitation in IPA, leading to a consistent, automated workflow.
With an 8.6L IPA volume removable wash bucket, 70 prints can be cured per IPA refill with regular use. Once washing completes, parts are automatically lifted out of the IPA, avoiding over-soaked, warped prints and are air dried.

Form Cure

Form Cure is finely tuned to bring parts to their maximum mechanical properties with an advanced heating system. The system controls curing temperatures up to 80° C.

Thirteen multi-directional LEDs emit the optimal wavelength of light for curing Formlabs materials and a rotating turntable provides uniform exposure during post-curing.

For Standard Resins, use Form Cure’s default time and temperature. For all other materials, use unique recommended settings for optimum performance.

The heating system preheats the chamber to get parts ready for optimum post-curing. Once the chamber is heated, 13 LEDs trigger the post-curing reaction, bringing parts to their maximum mechanical properties. When the time is up, parts are fully cured and ready to perform.