Commercial activities

Explore the growing list of diverse commercial entities which have developed from ABI’s innovative research programme.


Established in 2018

Electroclear is using electric fields to disrupt small organisms’ ability to live on selected underwater surfaces. It is a permanent, non-toxic solution that can be applied to a wide range of geometries.

Chris Walker, along with fellow doctoral student and company partner Patrin Illenberger discovered that if they set up two separate electrodes underwater and created a fully encapsulated electric field, they could target and disrupt certain organisms.

Find out more: Electroclear.


Established in 2016

FlexiMap are innovators in the research, diagnosis and management of functional gastrointestinal motility disorders. FlexiMap provides three primary products and services:

  • Cutting-edge solutions for intra-operative multi-channel mapping of whole-organ electrophysiology
  • Automated signal processing and analysis techniques
  • Mathematical modelling and simulations of bioelectrical and biomechanical problems.

FlexiMap currently supplies customers in North America and Asia.

Learn more: Fleximap.

Formus Labs

Established in 2016

Formus Labs provides orthopaedic intelligence to implant manufacturers and clinicians through an AI-cloud platform. Our platform automates the process from clinical image analysis to patient-specific design and planning, while enabling the precise inputs of engineers and surgeons through an intuitive interface.

Find out more: Formus Labs.


Established in 2018

HeartLab is dedicated to changing heart health with artificial intelligence. Using sophisticated deep learning and biophysical modelling techniques built into our online platform we are enabling personalised care, down to the patient level.

Discover more: HeartLab.


Established in 2013

IMeasureU provide turn-key, user-friendly, measurement and analysis systems that allow coaches, athletes, medical practitioners, and engineers unparalleled information around body movement.

Discover more: IMeasureU.


Established in 2018

JunoFem exists to help women on their journey to pelvic floor health.

JunoFem’s approach is founded on technology from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, and is supported by international clinical studies.

Learn more: JunoFem.

Kaha Sciences

Established in 2017

Founded by former ABI, Millar and Telemetry Research staff, Kaha Sciences is developing wireless telemetry systems for use in the laboratory.

Check it out: Kaha Sciences.

Millar Instruments

Established in 2003

Telemetry Research provided wireless implantable devices for monitoring and collecting physiological data. In November 2011, they merged with Millar Instruments, a US-based company which develops innovative catheter-based, sensing technology used in clinical diagnosis and medical research.

Learn more: Millar Instruments at the ABI.

Objective Acuity

Established in 2016

Co-founded by ABI staff and students, Objective Acuity is developing an automatic eye testing system that measures visual acuity quickly, objectively and accurately.

The system seeks to replace the 150 years old eye chart, and can be used for routine acuity tests, monitoring, and screening for eye conditions such as amblyopia.

Discover more: Objective Acuity.

Portal Instruments

Established in 2014

Portal Instruments develops controllable, precise and silent needle-free drug delivery systems, with medical, animal, agricultural, and cosmetic applications.

Founded in 2013 by researchers at the ABI and MIT (Boston), Portal Instruments is co-owned with a major international pharmaceutical company and a leading US-based materials company.

Find out more: Portal Instruments.

Soul Machines

Established in 2016

Soul Machines' goal is to define the user experience for Artificial Intelligence systems and platforms. Founded by Associate Professor Mark Sagar, director of ABI's Laboratory for Animate Technologies, the company will develop technology in the rapidly accelerating artificial intelligence sector.

Its lifelike, emotionally responsive avatars will have the potential to become the interfaces between humans and machines across a variety of platforms.

Check it out: Soul Machines.

Spark 64

Established in 2013

Our group has a shared passion for technology and innovation. The company’s first product, UVLens, is a sun safety and education tool that provides real-time UV information and protection advice. The company was founded in 2013 after winning the national final of the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Explore more: Spark 64.


Established in 2012

Founded by members of the ABI's Biomimetics Laboratory, StretchSense manufacture sensors based on artificial muscle technology for the unobtrusive measurement of human body motion in the animation, augmented reality, sport, healthcare, and prosthetics industries.

In 2015, the company won the Sports & Fitness category at the WT Innovation World Cup in Munich.

Learn more: Stretchsense.

Surgical Design Studio

Established in 2017

Surgical Design Studio is a startup that designs innovative medical devices and offers medical device consulting services.

Co-founded by Associate Professor Greg O'Grady and others, the company is the result of seasoned medical, surgical and engineering professionals coming together.

Find out more: Surgical Design Studio.

The Clinician

Established in 2015

The Clinician is a health IT startup company co-founded by ABI Staff, focused on bringing in patients’ perspectives to drive value-based care.

The Clinician’s flagship product is ZEDOC – a cloud-based platform that enables patient outreach, collection and analysis of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) resulting in actionable insights.

Patient engagement and high response rates are achieved by AI-driven mobile apps which can seamlessly connect to health apps and wearables.

Discover more: The Clinician.


Established in 2016

UnEmap is a hardware and software system which provides high quality, multi-channel recording of electrophysiological events.

Look now: UnEmap.


Established in 2017

View subtitles with your favourite movies at the cinema at any time, with a Vivify headset. Their headsets use augmented reality (AR) to overlay subtitles however and wherever you want, and the subtitles stay in place giving you the freedom to look around.

Never miss an iconic line - reserve a Vivify headset when you book your next ticket.

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