Discover more about UnEmap, a high channel count electrical mapping and pacing system, which provides high quality, multi-channel recording of electrophysiological events.

UnEmap is an integrated system. It includes specialised electrodes, analogue signal conditioning and data acquisition hardware together with software designed for processing, analysis and display of a large number of data channels.

With a 448 channel base unit, UnEmap delivers unique high spatial resolution electrical mapping. The system is endlessly expandable to accommodate any desired number of electrodes, and is the only system offering recording from, or pacing down, electrodes individually.

UnEmap's application set

  • Laboratory electrical mapping from small mice to large hearts
  • High density mapping of atrial fibrillation
  • Obtaining effective refractory periods over extensive regions
  • Whole epicardial mapping
  • Simultaneous epicardial and body surface potential mapping

Key system features

  • Maximum channels: unlimited
  • Record from or pace down any electrode
  • Isolate mode disconnects all electrodes from system
  • Sampling rate 1KHz to 5KHz

Features for each channel

  • Unipolar or true Bipolar inputs
  • Programmable Gain
  • Programmable Filtering
  • Programmable Stimulation
  • Input impedance > 1Tohm