Prasad rides for breast cancer

When the 2018 Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge gets underway on Saturday, bioengineer Prasad Babarenda Gamage will be pedaling as hard as he can to raise funds for breast cancer.

20 November 2018

Prasad Babarenda Gamage
Prasad Babarenda Gamage

Prasad is an early career researcher at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) and is a member of the Biomechanics for Breast Imaging Group.

Last year this group received funding from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) to develop and implement an innovative breast image analysis technology to help clinicians detect and treat breast cancer.

Now Prasad wants to give a little back to the NZBCF “to thank them, not only for supporting our research, but also for helping improve the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer."

We are hoping the new technology we are developing will help improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.

Prasad Babarenda Gamage Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Prasad bought a bike and started training in March this year. He has entered the 75 km half-lake event and is aiming to finish in two hours, 45 minutes (and in the top 25 percent based on the previous year male 19-34 age group results).

So far, he has done 190 training rides covering 5,077km – 204 total hours – with 49,208m elevation gain.

If you would like to support Prasad and donate, you can find the donation link below. 

Donations close 1 Dec. They are sent directly to NZBCF's bank account.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Prasad for raising over $1,000 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation so far. He completed his challenge in 2 hr 22 min (23 min faster than his goal) and finished in the top 10 for his age group.

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