ABI Research Forum 2021

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Congratulations to

  • Best postdoctoral poster: Marco Schneider

  • Most innovative postdoctoral poster: Hamid Abbasi

  • Best Postgraduate poster: Nynke Rooks (winner); Debbie Zhao (runner up)

  • 3-Min Thesis: Derek Obraugh (winner); Zahra Aghababaie and Christine Sy (tied 2nd place)

  • Summer student best poster: Amos Rada (winner); Justin Chen (runner up); Callan Loomes & Angelique Tuisamoa (honourable mention)

  • Best published paper 2020: Inkjet printing of complex soft machines with densely integrated electrostatic actuators - Samuel Schlatter, Giulio Grasso, Samuel Rosset and Herbert Shea

  • Excellence in research translation 2020: Project Kiwious - Suranga Nanayakkara, Dawn Garbett, Yvonne Chua: Design, Sonia Dupuch, Juan Pablo Forero Corté, Chamod Weerasinghe, Aladinne Nassani, Fiona Thaimana, Jiashuo Cao, Sankha Cooray & Qin Wu

  • Excellence in graduate supervision 2020: Suranga Nanayakkara

  • Professional staff excellence award: Matt Wilson, Kristen Chalmet, Kiel Joe, Kate Harsant and Nina Pettersson-Fox