Postgraduate Certificate in Bioengineering

Our new Postgraduate Certificate is a bridging programme into a PhD. If you do not meet the research requirements for direct entry into PhD, this is a possible pathway.


This one-semester program can bridge the gap between your previous degree and a PhD - especially if you haven’t done significant research as part of your prior studies. The PG Cert in Bioengineering consists of two 15-point Level 8 taught courses and a 30-point Level 9 research project.

The course is structured to provide students with essential disciplinary training and hands-on research experience necessary for progression to a PhD in Bioengineering.

Admission requirements

Admission to this programme is different to traditional admission. Start by applying for a PhD in Bioengineering. If you do not meet the research requirements for direct entry into a PhD, you will be asked to complete this Postgraduate Certificate in Bioengineering.

Once you have completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Bioengineering, if you have achieved an overall GPA of 6.00 or higher and a minimum grade of B+ in the research project, you will then be able to begin your PhD.

Pick your PhD project

Explore the list of our available PhD projects and conduct postgraduate research alongside world-renowned leaders in Bioengineering.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your plans for graduate study at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, please contact:

Dr Kenneth Tran
Associate Director Postgraduate