Using agent-based modelling to understand how structural characteristics affect endometriotic lesion dynamics

PhD Project

Agent-based models are a powerful mathematical tool to understand how both individual cell behaviours, and behaviours at different time and space scales, impact biological tissue function. However, many of the current models do not explicitly account for key architectural characteristics of the cell or tissue. For example, anisotropy in shape and mechanics of smooth muscle cells, or cell interactions with vascular and collagen networks. With the increasing quality of biological imaging data in recent years comes an increase in the detail on these morphologies. Such characteristics can be influential on both cell and tissue dynamics. The particular applications of interest for this project are endometrial tissue and endometriotic lesions.

This project aims to:

  • Use agent-based models to understand how structural characteristics affect model results.
  • Create a workflow to import imaging data from endometrial sections and endometriotic lesion imaging into an agent-based modelling framework.
  • Identify cell and tissue architectural characteristics of interest.
  • Develop methods to include evident structural characteristics in agent-based models.

Desired skills

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, applied mathematics, or equivalent.
  • Strong background in image analysis and/or computational modelling.


Aotearoa Fellowship

Contact and supervisors

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