What is going on in the diabetic cardiomyocyte?


Applications are invited for an MSc student to work on a Marsden-funded project to understand disease pathways in the diabetic heart. This is a fully funded 12-month MSc position with a stipend of $17,000. This project is a collaboration between the Department of Physiology and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. This project will involve hands-on advanced imaging of diabetic heart tissues using electron microscopy. These images will then be analysed and used to populate a computational model of cardiomyocyte structure and function to answer novel questions about how glycogen accumulation impacts heart function in diabetes.

Desired skills

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in pre-clinical research relating to diabetic heart disease, and some experience in computational modelling.



Contact and supervisors

For more information or to apply for this project, please follow the link to the supervisor below: