Advanced Deep Learning Methods for Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumours and other Intracranial Structures

PhD Project

Preoperative manual segmentation of Brain tumours is an extremely time-consuming task and adds an enormous amount of Neurosurgical workload. Recent enhancement in computer-vision technology based on advanced deep-learning strategies shows possibilities to precisely segment intracranial structures, including Brain tumours, in MRI images. An accurate auto-segmentation tool can help to save neurosurgeon’s time and automatically evaluate the volumetric features of a tumour, along with its exact location relative to its adjacent tissues, in seconds.

This work aims to use archived data from Auckland Hospital to develop highly-advanced machine-learning algorithms (i.e., deep-learning-based models) to precisely and automatically segment patient-specific brain tumours (e.g., meningiomas), along with their adjacent intracranial structures (including brain tissues, blood vessels, cranial nerves, etc) with an acceptable accuracy compared to human annotators. Results will provide a unique opportunity to build an intelligent computational auto-segmentation platform for pre-surgical assessments, planning and navigation, and finding the most optimal accessible corridors for resection. 

Desired skills

  • An enthusiastic team-player with interests in the application of technology and advanced machine learning in healthcare (neurosurgical imaging).

  • Confident proficiency in coding, machine-learning, signal and image processing.

  • Evidence of interest in the topic, self-motivation, and creative and critical thinking.

  • Previous experience and background in one or more of computer science, biomedical engineering, coding and machine learning (deep-learning), and neurophysiological signal processing would be advantageous.


Funding source (if applicable)

Contact and supervisors

For more information or to apply for this project, please follow the link to the supervisor below:

  • Dr Hamid Abbasi (main supervisor - ABI)
  • Professor Peter Hunter (mentor supervisor - ABI)
  • Dr Jason Correia (Neurosurgeon - Auckland Hospital)