Power conversion for wearable devices

PhD Project

Join us for a PhD

All of these exist and have been proven in our Biomimetics Lab at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. All involve conversion of low voltages (~ 10 V) to high voltages (~ 1 kV) and back. We can use off-the-shelf electronics componentry to interface and control the charge to such elastomer devices, but this is expensive, heavy and not very wearable. We need a PhD student to show us how we to make the electronics that interface the soft polymer systems wearable, economic and portable too.

This programme is supported by PowerOn, a spin-out company of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetics Lab. The successful applicant will receive both a fees and cost of living stipend.

Desired skills

The successful candidate will be a Power Electronics Engineering Graduate with a strong academic record and a willingness to explore the world of high voltage.

Contact and supervisors

For more information or to apply for this project, please follow the link to the supervisors below: