Smart personalised electroceuticals in the gut through a joint modelling and experimental approach mapping of the gut

Masters / PhD Project

Functional gastrointestinal motility disorders are debilitating and can result in a significantly reduced quality of life. Disordered electrical patterns in the stomach have now been associated with a number of these motility disorders, however most treatment options are pharmaceuticals. The use of electrical stimulation, termed electroceuticals, is an emerging trend in medicine with rapid uptake to treat various clinical disorders in the body.

Our group has pioneered innovations in the gut electroceutical field and are looking to advance current methods to create a smart and personalised system. In particular, this project will involve development and validation of mathematical models that can receive a variety of inputs. The goal will be to apply it experimentally with the aim to allow systematic optimisation of electroceutical parameters, energy utilisation and functional outcomes.

Desired Skills

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Physics or equivalent. Experience with mathematical modelling, optimisation and data analytics. Interest in programming (i.e., Matlab/Python), electrical engineering, and experimental/clinical physiology would be desirable.

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Contact and supervisors

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