What could vaping be doing to our lungs?

Masters / PhD Project

Multiple projects available - Masters and PhDs.

ECs, also known as vaping devices, use heat to aerosolise a liquid, typically containing propylene glycol, glycerine, flavourings and nicotine, that the user inhales. This aerosol has been found to contain toxicants, including carcinogens and heavy metals. 

In this project, you will contribute to the development of our research programme related to studying the effects of vaping on the lungs. This work includes:

  1. developing and applying computational models of the lungs to study particle transport and potential alterations to lung function;
  2. experimental work including assessing the chemicals in EC aerosols and exposing lung cells to EC aerosol.

Desired skills

The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree in engineering or applied mathematics, experience in computer programming and/or lab-based experimental work. An interest in biology and good communications skills are also necessary.

Contact and supervisors

For more information or to apply for this project, please follow the link to the supervisor below: