Equity in the News

Equity in the News is a monthly selection of equity-focused articles and stories from New Zealand and around the world.

October 2017

On October 5, the New York Times wrote an article exposing dozens of allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein. Since then, the list has increased to 82 women. As well as dominating the headlines, it was the inspiration for the viral hashtag #metoo, highlighting that sexual assault is a common and worldwide problem.

It is timely to reaffirm the University of Auckland’s zero tolerance stance of any form of sexual assault or harassment towards its staff and students. See also the Prevention of Bullying and Harassment policy, Family Violence policy and Family Violence information and resources.

Other news that has made headlines both here and around the world include:

1. Sexists need not apply: publisher refuses to look at manuscripts addressed to “Dear sirs” (The Guardian, 28 September)

Tramp Press will no longer consider submissions from authors who assume they are men or only list male influences.

Find out how the University enhances Gender equality and educates about Unconscious Bias.

2. Discrimination harms children, not same-sex parents – study (Newshub, 23 October)

A new study released in Australia debunks one of the Vote No’s arguments against marriage equality. Research has shown that children raised by same-sex parents do just as well as those raised by opposite sex parents.

Find out about how the University supports the LGBTI community and Combining Parenting and a Career.

3. Māori businesswoman bringing culture to boardrooms (Newshub, 1 October)

Precious Clark runs Te Kaa where she teaches business people about all aspects of Māori culture, including correct pronunciation of Te Reo and understanding tikanga.

Find out about how the University supports Māori staff and students.

4. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents for rights of disabled students (The Daily Californian, 23 October)

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rescinded 72 guidelines that outlined rights for disabled students leading to concerns about decreasing support for students with disabilities.

Find out about how the University supports students with disabilities.

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September 2017

The celebration of Māori and Tongan language week, widespread public support for minimum accessibility standards in New Zealand, and opposition within the United States military to the pending transgender ban were just some of the Equity-related news in September:

1. Four in five NZers want accessibility standards – study (RNZ, 5 September)

80% of New Zealanders support setting minimum standards for disabled access for public areas and work places. Access Alliance spokesperson Amy Hogan describes the current situation as “pot luck” and enforceable standards being essential to allow those with disabilities to fully partake in society.

Find out about how the University of Auckland supports students and staff with disabilities.

2. Native Affairs – Racism in NZ (MTV, 26 September).
A recent unconscious bias in education report claims some teachers have lower expectations of Māori students and this may influence their achievement.

Find out how the Equity Office works towards combating Unconscious Bias

3. Universities celebrate Tongan Language Week together (RNZ, 7 September)
The University of Auckland and AUT joined together to celebrate Tongan language week.

Find out how the University of Auckland supports its Pacific students.

4. Google allowed advertisers to target racist words (Buzzfeed, 16 September). The world's biggest advertising platform allows advertisers to specifically target ads to people typing racist and bigoted terms into its search bar.

Find out about the University of Auckland’s Zero Tolerance for discrimination

5. Opposition within the US military to transgender ban (ATT: video, 18 September) Those who are currently serving in or who are veterans of the US military are voicing their disproval of President Trump’s move to ban transgender people enlisting in the military.

Find out how the University of Auckland supports transgender and gender diverse students and staff

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