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Equity in the News - September 2018

Equity at Work: 125 years of Suffrage in Aotearoa

How NZ women won the right to vote first: The original disruptors & spiteful MPs – Noted, 19 September

2018 marks 125 years since New Zealand became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. This article delves into the socio-political environment that led to this revolutionary move.

To celebrate, the Equity Office have launched a Suffrage page that tells the stories of women who have continued to shape the University and highlights all of the current policies and guidelines relevant to gender equality.

Read Celebrating 125 years of Suffrage



'Discriminatory' disability law to be repealed, family care policy changed - Government – New Zealand Herald, 27 September

The Government will repeal a disability law described as a "shame on society" and overhaul its policy on paying families who care for their disabled loved ones. Health Minister David Clark said Cabinet had agreed to consider the way it pays families and repeal Part 4A of the NZ (sic) Public Health and Disability Act.

Learn about how the University supports student and staff Carers.


Thousands march through central Auckland celebrating Māori language week – One News, 13 September

Māori Language Week was met with celebrations across the country including this parade in Auckland central.

Learn how the University supports Māori students and staff

Refugee Quota

New Zealand refugee quota to rise to 1500 a year in 2020 – New Zealand Herald, 19 September

The Government will lift the annual refugee quota to 1500 and establish more settlement centres around the country. The changes will take effect from July 2020.

Learn how the University supports students and staff from Refugee Backgrounds

Equity Arts and Media Recommendation:

Minimum – Radio New Zealand mini-documentary series

Over 10 episodes, filmmaker Kathleen Winter interviews New Zealand women working for minimum wage and the predicaments they face. From hardly seeing their children, missing a brother’s tangi and micro-aggressions faced on the job these are their heart-breaking true stories.

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Enhanced systems enable University to collect information about LGBTI and refugee-background students and staff

As part of the University’s commitment to members of our community who are Māori and/or from equity groups, our systems have been enhanced, to allow us to gather information on students and staff who identify as:

  •  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI)
  • refugee-background

This will greatly increase our capability to support staff and students from all of the University’s equity groups.

Being able to gather details about whether students or staff identify as Māori or from an equity group helps us to understand the diversity of our communities, and to determine the supports and services we need to provide. It also allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our projects and policies in providing a safe, inclusive and equitable study and work environment.

Students and staff can provide this information when they first register with the University (using the Enterprise Person Registry). They can also do this retrospectively by updating their personal information (update personal information here). Disclosure is voluntary, but more than 600 people have already done so.

The University values the privacy of every individual’s personal information and is committed to the protection of personal information.

Read about the University’s privacy regime

We welcome your feedback. Please contact Terry O’Neill, Director Student Equity: t.oneill@auckland.ac.nz

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