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The University is committed to meeting its equal employment opportunities obligations under its Equity policy, its statutory obligations and under the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Staff Equity develops policy and strategies that enable staff to contribute fully to the University’s success and help ensure employment decisions and processes are based on merit.

Faculties, LSRIs and service divisions participate in policy development via the Equity Action Network.

Staff equity related responsibilities include:

  • Helping to identify and remove barriers to equity in employment.
  • Developing policies and monitoring the effectiveness of the University's equity programmes.
  • Consulting and liaising with relevant individuals and groups to achieve equity aims.
  • Aiming to increase acceptance of, and compliance with, equity objectives.
  • Developing specific policies on personnel and equity matters.
  • Identifying employment practices and procedures requiring review, and produces guidelines for any necessary improvements.
  • Reviewing training and staff development practices from an equity perspective.
  • Providing training/facilitation on equity topics.

Contact the Staff Equity Team

For staff equity related queries please email: