Gender-based Harassment Working Group

The University established a Gender-based Harassment Working Group to enhance policies, procedures, training, guidelines and resources regarding gender-based harassment.

Terms of Reference

  • Development of procedures for appropriate response and support of staff affected by gender-based harassment  
  • Effective communications to staff, including about procedures and support for dealing with gender-based harassment 
  • Development and implementation of training for staff to respond appropriately to gender-based harassment 
  • Review of current University policies including by research, review, and benchmarking best-practice in prevention of and response to gender-based harassment of staff and students.

The Gender-based Harassment working group has delivered its final report to the University’s senior leadership team, which accepted its recommendations, including the establishment of the Harassment Governance Group.


Adrienne Cleland - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Operations & Registrar
Trudie McNaughton – Pro Vice-Chancellor, Equity


  • Andrew Phipps – Director, HR
  • Associate Professor Kathy Smits – Politics and IR, Social Sciences 
  • Dr Annie Bartos - Environment
  • Dr Caroline Blyth – Assistant Dean Equity and Students, Faculty of Arts
  • Professor Virginia Braun – Associate Dean Equity, Science/Psychology  
  • Nicole Wallace – Group Services Coordinator, Faculty of Arts 
  • Phil Kirkham – Campus Operations Manager 
  • Alison Zahynacz – Risk Advisor 
  • Alison Sims - Special Projects Editor, Communication and Marketing
  • Anne-Marie Parsons – Associate Director, Student Wellbeing & Engagement 
  • James Harper – Chief Information Security Officer 
  • Phil Callaghan – Staff Service Centre & Service Improvement Manager
  • Lise Ericksen – Researcher, Office of the Vice-Chancellor 
  • Karen Davies – Staff Development Programme Manager 
  • Stefanie Boyer – HR Manager 
  • Jacquie Reid – POD Consultant 
  • Melissa Wright – HR Advisor 
  • Danelle Clayton – Special Projects Writer, Communications
  • Kylie Ryan – Wellbeing Coordinator, Campus Life