Making the most of parental leave

Understanding parental leave and how to make it work best for you and your family

  • Become familiar with all requirements and complete all relevant forms
  • University information can be found at Parental Leave information and in the Parental Leave Guide
  • Government Parental Leave information provides details on government leave
  • Consider how you want to combine university leave, government leave, extended leave, annual leave and partners leave
  • Speak with your manager, HR Manager/Advisor and grant providers as soon as possible to discuss dates, keeping in touch days, options of returning to work part-time and any other issues or concerns.

Combining Parenting and a Career Toolkit

Future Parents Network

Following the above seminar, a group of future parents expressed an interest in forming a contact group so that they could share notes, discuss meeting up, ask questions, etc. The aim is to start off informally through a Google Group/email list.

Who might be interested: Any member of the University considering/planning/expecting/has had kids; including partners, permanent staff, contract staff, graduate students, etc. (kids are kids, regardless of job!)

To join: Email Nick Matzke who will send you an invite.