During your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your Pregnancy

The University is committed to supporting all staff in maintaining and developing their careers while carrying out their roles as parents and carers. A range of benefits and information to support pregnant staff, parents, caregivers and their partners is available.

Two significant resources to assist you are:

A further range of policies, guidelines, services and resources to assist you can be found at Supporting staff with children

When you know you are pregnant

Deciding when to tell your manager or academic head, that you are pregnant is a personal choice. However, in order to qualify for parental leave, you must inform your employer (through HR Services Consultant via the Staff Services Centre) at least three months’ before the expected date of delivery accompanied by a signed certificate by a medical practitioner or midwife certifying the expected date of delivery.

The Combining Parenting and a Career Toolkit (pdf above) has detailed information on preparing for your parental leave.

Under the Human Rights Act, you are protected from unfair treatment connected with your pregnancy.

Hazards during pregnancy

It is important that women working with hazardous substances or equipment advise their manager and their health and safety representative immediately upon knowing they are pregnant so that a risk assessment can be carried out and appropriate safeguards can be put in place.

The School of Chemistry has detailed guidance information available for pregnant students and their partners.

Expecting and new parents network

A new group of expecting and new parents has been formed to give mutual support to university staff and their partners. Please contact Nick Matzke