Staff equity groups

Māori have distinct status as tangata whenua. The University recognises other groups where there is a need to improve equity outcomes for selection, recognition, career progression, retention and job satisfaction.

The University prioritises equity groups including:

The University will monitor terms and conditions including for those with family and Carer responsibilities, diverse ethnic groups, mature aged staff, professional staff, and temporary, part-time and casual staff, to ensure fairness and inclusion for these groups.

Diverse ethnic groups

The State Sector Act 1988 requires that there are programmes to serve the aspirations of ‘minority groups’. ‘Ethnic group’ includes all employees who have not identified as Pākeha/European, Māori or Pacific people. This is a large and ill-defined group which makes it difficult to specify relevant issues and appropriate programmes. However, the University aims to provide an inclusive environment that caters for diverse needs.

Part-time, temporary and casual staff

Part-time, temporary and casual staff are included in the list of equity groups to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in their work conditions or career development in the University.

Departments are encouraged to accommodate the needs of part-time, temporary and casual staff when setting meeting times, preparing timetables and selecting representatives for committees. The University supports the negotiation of variation of hours, either on a temporary or permanent basis see the Flexible Work Policy and Procedures.

Professional staff

The University aims to be a good employer to professional staff as well as academic staff. It emphasises that professional staff are recognised as full members of the University, and aims to fully utilise their potential contribution in University administration and government.