Mental Health for staff and students

Looking after mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19 information is on the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand website.

One in six New Zealand adults will be diagnosed with a common mental disorder during their lifetime, such as depression or anxiety.

Support is available throughout the year for staff and students

Support available for staff

If you have any questions about how the University supports mental health for staff, get in touch with Cathie Walsh, Staff Equity Manager.

Support available for students

Sharing that you are struggling with how you are coping or that you have mental health issues can be scary, but students can rest assured that everything is completely confidential.

Short-term or urgent counselling support

For students experiencing issues that impact on their studies, the University's Health and Counselling can provide short-term counselling support.

Mental health advisors - Student Disability Services

They can provide ongoing, longer-term support for students living with a diagnosed mental health condition. Their aim is to support students in their academic studies and mental wellbeing.

Supporting others

If you recognise that someone's mood has changed, ask them how they are and let them know you are there if they want to talk.

If the person shares their feelings, worries, or problems with you, simply listen, respond by being supportive and taking them seriously. Or suggest other people who can help. You do not have to fix it.

If they don’t want to talk, respect their choice.