Leaving Employment at the University Policy and Procedures


All fixed term and permanent staff members at the University


To advise staff members on the policy and procedures when leaving the University  


1. Staff members contemplating ceasing employment with the University at some stage in the future for any reason, should discuss the options that they identify to assist them in their objective with their academic head, manager, or Human Resources.

2. The staff member is to advise his/her manager in writing of the intention to resign or retire from the University.

3. The notice will be in accordance with his/her employment agreement and/or collective agreement where relevant.

4. In the case of retirement, the staff member may be asked to provide the University with details of any planned future employment.

5. Where a staff member identifies an interest in reducing their hours of work and/or reducing their job responsibility as they approach retirement, the University will discuss and consider any proposal as to:

  • an agreed term of employment on reduced hours and/or reduced responsibility
  • a move to an honorary position on retirement
  • a move to voluntary or paid work outside the University
  • any other option a staff member may identify

6. Nothing in this policy affects the rights and obligations of the University and staff members in the circumstance of retirement for medical reasons.

Related procedures


1. The notice of resignation is to be provided to the academic head/manager and/or dean/director with a copy to Human Resources.

2. The notice of resignation is to detail the last day of employment.

3. The staff member will receive their final pay in the next available pay run following the last day of employment.

4. The final pay will consist of salary up until the last day of employment and any outstanding leave that is required to be paid out.

5. In the event that the staff member has taken leave in advance, this will be deducted from the final pay.

6. The staff member may be required to repay the proportion of some activities, such as parental leave and/or relocation. If this is applicable, an HR Advisor will be in contact.


7. The notice of retirement will be provided to the academic head/manager and/or dean/director with copy to Human Resources.

8. Any retirement payment or leave will be paid to the staff member on their retirement.

9. Staff members are encouraged to seek advice directly from their superannuation provider as to the impact of any potentially agreed changes to their employment arrangements as they approach retirement. The staff member’s union may also be able to provide information or advice.

10. Where the retirement benefit of a staff member is affected by changes in salary, eg in the case of the GSF, it may be possible for the staff member to retire, then contract with the University on an agreed basis.

11. Staff are not able to restart contributions to the GSF after retirement.

Phased retirement

12. The continued access to any/all of the University’s facilities will be considered from the perspective of the interests and the practicalities involved, and the interests and needs of the staff member and the University. The need to manage space appropriate is recognised as a matter for consideration in this regard.  


The following definitions apply to this document:

Academic head covers heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 in the University Organisation Structure

GSF means Government Superannuation Fund

Retire means permanently withdrawing from the paid regular workforce

Resign means to formally leave your position at the University

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries  

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