Doctoral Candidates - Changing Date of Registration Policy and Procedures (2016 PhD Statute/General Regulations only)


This document applies to PhD candidates governed by the 2016 PhD Statute and to named doctorate candidates governed by the 2016 General Regulations for Named Doctorates, except candidates undertaking a Doctor of Education (EdD) or a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy).


To provide clarification of the circumstances in which a doctoral candidate’s date of registration may be amended.


Supervised research which has already commenced

1. Where a candidate has already started supervised research on their doctoral degree, the date of registration must be backdated but may not be backdated by more than six months

Transfer from a masters degree

2. For a candidate transferring from a masters degree under Regulation 2a(iii) of the PhD Statute, the date of registration must be backdated to the start date of the masters thesis enrolment

Provisional review

3. The provisional review, which precedes the candidate’s confirmation of registration, must review all aspects of the candidate’s registration including the date of registration


4. When the candidate’s registration is confirmed, no further changes to the date of registration are permitted.


5. Doctoral applicants who are registered but not yet enrolled may have their registration date changed upon request by email from the student and supervisor to the School of Graduate Studies, provided the new registration date is no more than 12 months past the original intended start date and (where the applicant has been offered a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship) subject to Note XXII of the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship (download in Key Relevant Documents section) regulations

6. Applicants who do not meet these criteria are normally required to reapply for entry into the doctoral programme

7. Candidates who have already enrolled and not yet been confirmed and wish to change their registration date are to complete a DOC6 request for consideration


The following definitions apply to this document:

Date of registration is the date on which the doctoral candidate’s registration takes effect, as approved by the Board of Graduate Studies (Regulation 4j PhD Statute). It is recorded on the candidate’s Registration Summary as the Start Date

Doctoral applicants are applicants to the doctoral programme who are not yet enrolled although they may already be registered

Doctoral candidates are candidates who are enrolled in a doctoral degree at the University

Provisional review refers to the formal review at the end of the provisional registration period (Regulation 5b PhD Statute)

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