Policy Framework Procedures


The Policy Framework Policy and these associated procedures apply to all University members developing, reviewing or amending policy documents and associated guidelines.


These Policy Framework Procedures and the associated templates accompany the policy and specify how policy documents are to be developed.


Drafting documents

1. The following templates are to be used in the development of policy documents and supporting guidelines:

Note - The policy office is available to support policy owners and content managers prior to and during development and by checking documentation before this is submitted for endorsement and approval.

2. The word ‘draft’ must be included on all policy documents prior to approval.

3. Policy documents are not to be made available externally when in draft form.

Content review

4. Content managers or policy owners will identify and contact key stakeholders and co-ordinate any changes resulting from their feedback.


5. Policy owners must ensure that policy documents receive endorsement from any relevant committees or other key stakeholders prior to submission for approval.


6. Policy owners must submit all policy documents to the relevant approval authority.

7. The approval authority may grant approval conditional on specified changes being made.

8. After the approval authority has approved the policy document, the document is to be sent to the Policy and Compliance Officer to be uploaded onto the Policy Hub.

9. The policy office is to upload the document promptly and notify the owner when this is done.

Managing the Policy Hub

10. The policy office is to ensure that all content that appears on the Policy Hub aligns with relevant approved templates and policy.

11. The Registrar has authority to approve non-substantive changes to policy documents.

12. If substantive changes are needed, the document must be returned to the policy owner to progress any further consultation, endorsement and approval.

13. The process for management of the policy documents must comply with all record management obligations.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Approval authority is the name of the position or committee that is responsible for approving a policy document and subsequent compliance.

Content manager is the person appointed by the policy owner to develop and/or update the content of the policy document and to liase with the policy office. The content manager is also responsible for the content and updating and linking of any associated documents such as guidelines and forms.

Policy documents include all mandatory policy documents ie. policies, procedures and standards.

Policy hub is the University policy website which is administered by the policy office.

Policy owner is the person whose role is responsible for the publishing, updating, approval and for communicating the policy and/or any changes that may impact others.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

University members include members of Council, committee members, students, staff members, committee appointees, the University’s companies’ staff and board members and contractors working for and on behalf of the University.

Key relevant documents

Document management and control

Owner: Registrar
Content manager: Policy office
Approved by: Vice-Chancellor
Date approved: 22 April 2022
Review date: 22 April 2027