Saving paper

In 2019, the University used 64,120 reams of A4 office paper, compared to 156,000 reams in 2006. The total amount of paper used has more than halved, saving a pile of paper twelve times the height of Auckland’s Skytower.

While we began monitoring paper use relatively recently compared to energy and water, we have also reduced the total amount of paper we use. We have done so by switching from hard copies of course materials and lecture notes to online ones, by reducing printing and by increasing double-sided printing. 

Paper is an area where small changes in an individual’s behaviour can make a big difference.

What you can do

  • Think before you print, and print only if it is absolutely essential
  • Use electronic rather than paper-based filing systems for all projects
  • Design documents to minimise paper use by reducing the size of the margins
  • Collect single-sided paper and re-use it for notes and drafts
  • Use double-sided printing and photocopying modes wherever possible
  • Recycle paper that has been used on both sides
  • If you are teaching a course, ask for projects to be submitted electronically and review and mark them online