Equal Justice Project

The Equal Justice Project (EJP) is a non-partisan pro bono charity that applies law students’ legal training and knowledge to promote social equality, inclusivity, and access to justice in our local and wider community. It is entirely run and led by students from the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law. Our volunteers have in the past worked with a range of practitioners, not-for-profit organisations, government departments, and the general public to increase access to the law.

Law students are uniquely placed to provide pro bono legal assistance, offering fresh skills and creative knowledge capable of benefiting the community. With the appropriate guidance and supervision, EJP volunteers have worked on a myriad of projects making a visible difference to the community. Year after year, student volunteers find new and improved ways to contribute to the community through our four teams:

  • The Pro Bono team provides research and analytical support to practitioners, academics, interest organisations, and community groups who share EJP’s goals.
  • The Communications team produces publications and works across social media platforms to foster discussion of the law’s role in promoting social justice, and produces parliamentary submissions on bills and treaties which have serious social justice implications. 
  • The Community team provides ongoing assistance to Community Law Centres and other community organisations around Auckland, which offer advice and support to those in our community that cannot afford representation or legal assistance. 
  • The Access team presents to educational providers about civics and legal topics, and organises bi-annual panel discussions (symposia) on topical legal issues at the University of Auckland.

For more information please see our website and Facebook page. Applications to volunteer with EJP open annually in March, and applications for Team Managers and Co-Director open later in the year.