Travelling Expo and Photography Exhibition

The Sustainability Office has created an expo that showcases the contributions our researchers and teachers are making to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The expo will also include an exhibition of shortlisted entries from the Showcasing Sustainability Photography Competition. Visitors will be able to vote on their favourite photo for the People's Choice Award.

Date Expo location  Hours
Monday 2 October Fale Pasifika, 26 Wynyard Street 11am-4pm
Tuesday 3 October Grafton Campus, 505 Foyer, 2 Park Road 10am-4pm
Wednesday 4 October Science Centre, 301 Foyer, 23 Symonds Street 10am-6pm
Thursday 5 October Fale Pasifika, 26 Wynyard Street 10am-4pm
Friday 6 October Engineering Neon Foyer, 22 Symonds Street 10am-2pm