Contributors to our submission

Main contributors

Impact Rankings Submission 2020 Working Group

Pamela Moss, Jingwen Mu, Lesley Stone, Amy Malcolm

Impact Rankings Submission 2020 Reference Group

Adrienne Cleland, Jennifer Dixon, Trudie McNaughton, Simon Neale, Lesley Stone, Alexandra Thomas, Marian Macken, Linda Bryder, Pamela Moss, Jingwen Mu

SDG Report 2019 Working Group

Pamela Moss, Lise Ericksen, Lesley Stone, Deepa Chaturvedi, Jingwen Mu

Faculty and Service Division contributors

For each SDG, we have compiled a list of the Faculty and Service Division contributors who provided stories and examples, and the top ten Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018). The submission working group recognises that the examples provided by the submission do not represent all of the activities undertaken in the University that align to the UN SDGs.

Future contributions

As the Impact Rankings submission will be an annual exercise, we welcome staff contributions to its preparation.

For more information about how staff can contribute and the data mining work we are undertaking to better represent our research contributions to the SDGs, please contact the Planning and Information Office.