Water saving initiatives

In 2020 we have had 2187 residents participate and take the Green Your Room challenge, 65% of Accommodation.

Our students are leading the way in water saving

Ngā Wharenoho – Accommodation has a long history of supporting sustainability in our residential halls. Initiatives including the 'Green Your Room' challenge, in which students opt into actions to reduce their personal environmental footprint and promote sustainability awareness amongst residents. The annual challenge, which spans over three months, was piloted at O'Rorke in 2014, and now involves all halls, with over 2000 students participating in 2020.

Green Your Room 2020

The Green Your Room initiative includes pledges related to water consumption.
These are the water pledges from this year:

  • I turn the tap off while brushing my teeth or washing my face
  • I never exceed a shower times of 4 minutes*
  • I turn off the water while applying soap or shampoo in the shower
  • I use the half flush in the toilet
  • I only wash full loads of laundry
*Note, we’ve reduced this time to reflect Watercare’s recommendation for responsible water consumption during the crisis.