Water saving tips and resources

In kitchens

  • Wait until dishwashers are full before using them
  • Use porcelain cups and give them a quick rinse between drinks rather than using a dishwasher

In toilets and bathrooms

  • Turn off taps between wetting, soaping (20 seconds) and rinsing hands
  • Do the same when showering (2 minutes max!)
  • Don't use a full flush when half a flush will do
  • Report dripping taps and running toilets or urinals that are not operating ‘on demand’ by completing a maintenance request

In laboratories

  • Think about water and energy use when planning experiments
  • Build water and energy efficiency into experimental design
  • If possible, make sure that lab equipment is connected to a water recycling system and that it is working properly (instead of running water to waste)
  • Use electric vacuum pumps instead of water-based venturi systems

Useful links and resources