Web Presence Improvement Programme

Find out about how we are developing a modern web presence for the University of Auckland.

About the programme


The Web Presence Improvement Programme is redesigning the University’s website to meet the needs of our diverse online community.

We are taking a user-centric approach, considering the wants and needs of all our website visitors. We are then incorporating this information with the latest tools, thinking and design principles, as well as the capabilities of our current content management system, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), into the new website.


We have a website vision statement that guides us with all our decisions:

A user-centred platform that helps the University attract and retain the best and brightest, showcase achievements, and support collaboration.

Agile project

We are following the agile project management methodology.

Agile means we are managing the design and building of the website in a flexible, incremental way. We are using the agile method for everything from software development and user experience to visual design and writing content. Because the project is managed in a highly flexible manner it can change and grow as new information and problems are encountered.


We developed an interim information architecture (IA) or main menu that connects the new homepage, which was delivered in May 2016, to the existing website.

This main menu was developed through a review of our current site, analytics, and workshops. It was tested with users through the online Tree Jack tool, which measures and tracks how people find information on our site, as well as in-person interviews and a variety of user research. As this is an agile project, the main menu will continue to be tested and refined as we develop the rest of the site structure.

General content for future and current students (such as admission, enrolment, fees, and support services) was published onto the new website in an iterative process throughout 2016. And in 2017 we are focused on delivering improvements to the programmes and courses content and making enhancements to the faculty sites.

For more information

Email the project team.

Note: this project is always developing and information on these pages may change over time.