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As a Pacific student, how can the Equity Office support me?

The Equity Office’s Pacific Equity Adviser can help with pastoral care as well as career planning, referral and advice. She also organises a number of outreach events for Pacific students and their families. The University’s Tuākana Learning Community also assists Pacific students. For more information email our Pacific Equity Adviser, Lynn Su'a For more information, go to our website.

I am an International student from the Pacific. Where do I go for support and advice?

The Equity Office’s Pacific Equity Adviser, Lynn Su'a, can assist you with pastoral care as well as career planning, referral and advice. For other matters, including fees and enrolment, visit the University's International Office

How can I meet other Pacific students at the University?

The Equity Office organises the University’s annual Māori & Pacific Welcome for you and your family at the beginning of the academic year. It’s a chance to meet other students and find out more about our programmes and services. Every faculty has its own Tuākana programme that provides small group learning opportunities and activities which can help you meet other students quickly. Tutorials, lectures and labs are also good places to meet other students. Other Pacific student groups include:

For more information read our 2018 Pacific Prospectus or Ngārehu o Mātauranga

What is Tuākana?

The Tuākana Learning Community is a University-wide tutoring and mentoring programme to help Māori and Pacific students achieve the best possible grades through tutorials, workshops and study groups led by student mentors (tuākana). Tuākana students also have opportunities to connect with potential employers and an established cohort of students and staff to support them in achieving their goals. Most Māori and Pacific students at the University of Auckland engage with Tuākana. Our research shows that students who engage with Tuākana are more likely to not only maintain their grades but improve them. Read more about Tuākana

When can I show my family around the University?

Your family is welcome at the University anytime. There are a number of opportunities for them to find out more about how life at the University works, including Courses & Careers Open Day, Māori & Pacific Welcome and our Māori & Pacific Parents Evening. For more information email our Pacific Equity Adviser, Lynn Su'a

What scholarships are available to me as a Pacific student?

Find out about scholarships that you may be eligible to apply for here

Where can I go to get my Pacific scholarship application verified?

Equity Office staff are located in the East Wing of the ClockTower:

Are there any Pacific spaces at the University?

Our Fale Pasifika is one of the iconic buildings on campus. It is the spiritual and physical centre of the University's Pacific community. 'O lagi Atea Moana – Culture Space is a place where Pacific students can meet, talk, have lunch and hang out. It's also the home of the Auckland University Students' Association's Pacific Islands Student Officer. 'O lagi Atea Moana is located on the 4th floor of the Students' Association building (just off the Quad) and has shower facilities, a kitchenette, toilet and places to sit.

While not designated to any specific cultures or religions, the University’s Maclaurin Chapel is regularly used by Pacific students, staff and their families.

What can I do if I experience racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or any other “unacceptable isms” at the University?

The University of Auckland has a zero tolerance policy for unacceptable discrimination, including racism, sexism, ableism. homophobia and transphobia. Discrimination has no place at our University. There are a number of ways the University can support anyone who experiences or witnesses any form of discrimination. Further information is available at Zero tolerence for discrimination 

What is UTAS (Undergraduate Targeted Admission Schemes)?

UTAS is the University’s targeted admission schemes for Māori, Pacific, students who have a disability, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students from refugee backgrounds. UTAS reserves a number of places within undergraduate programmes for these students who have met the University Entrance (UE) standard but have not met the guaranteed entry score for the programme of their choice.

Read about UTAS

I am a parent as well as a student. What support does the University offer?

We recognise that it can be very stressful juggling parenthood and studying. For this reason, the University provides childcare and early childhood centres for infant and pre-school children of students. Read more about studying as a parent

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