Equity policies and guidelines

In its practice of ensuring fairness in all aspects of employment and education, the University is guided by a number of policy documents and guidelines.

Equity policies and guidelines


Equity policies

Equity Policy and Procedures - Achieving equity outcomes for all staff and students

Family Violence Policy - Contributing to the prevention of family violence on campus and providing a framework to support members of the University community who experience the effects of family violence 

Merit Relative to Opportunity Policy and Procedures - Taking account of opportunity to perform in performance evaluations

Staff with Disabilities Policy - Providing support to people with disabilities and removing or reducing barriers to their participation

Work, Life, Family and Carers Policy - Ensuring that the University workplace accommodates work, life, family and carer responsibilities

Undergraduate Targeted Admission Schemes Policy - The University’s undergraduate targeted admission schemes for eligible Māori, Pacific, students with disabilities, students from refugee backgrounds (SRB), and students from low socio-economic backgrounds (low SEB).


Equity guidelines

Equity Guidelines - Supporting the effective implementation of the Equity Policy

Babies and Children on Campus Guidelines - Support for staff and students with childcare responsibilities

Family Violence Prevention and Management Guidelines - Further explanation of how members of the University community can access the support provided under the Family Violence Policy

Merit Relative to Opportunity Guidelines - Further explanation and recommended best practices for implementing the Merit Relative to Opportunity Policy

Parking for Staff with Family Responsibilities Guidelines - Temporary parking permits to cover short term emergencies and pregnancy

Staff with Disabilities and their Managers Guidelines - Accommodating the needs of people with disabilities

Guidelines for Equity in Recruitment and Selection process (PDF) - Recommended practices for equitable employment processes

Undergraduate Targeted Admission Schemes Guidelines - These guidelines are designed to assist in the application of the UTAS policy across the University and should be read in conjunction with that policy.


Other relevant policies and guidelines

The University has a number of policies and guidelines, not owned by the Equity Office, which help ensure our commitment to fairness in employment and education.


University Academic Timetable Policy

This policy provides a framework for timetabled teaching in all teaching facilities and includes hours of teaching and teaching spaces.

Flexible Work Policy

The University is committed to helping staff achieve a balance between their work, family and personal lives. Where practical, flexible working arrangements may include part-time work, changes to work hours, leave without pay, partial retirement, reduced responsibilities, working from other places or job sharing.

Impartial Employment Decision Making Policy and Procedures

The University is committed to principles that support transparent, fair and impartial decision making by its committees. This policy is intended to assist Chairs and their committees in meeting these objectives.  

Parental Leave Policy

Parental leave is time off work to care for a newly born or adopted child under five years of age. This policy provides University staff with the details on eligibility and application.

Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures

To support a safe, inclusive and equitable environment in which all members of the University community are treated with dignity and respect


Inclusive Teaching and Learning Guidelines

The University of Auckland’s Principles and Guidelines for Faculties, Service Divisions, Staff and Students are to be used in conjunction with the University’s "Guidelines for Effective Teaching”.

Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Guidelines

To assist with the implementation of the Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy

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