2014 Learning and Teaching Projects

06 November 2014

In 2014 the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic convened reference groups to explore a number of key learning and teaching issues and make recommendations to the University’s Teaching and Learning Quality Committee.

Membership of the reference group consists of staff that put themselves forward following an open call for expressions of interest. All nominations were accepted to promote a culture of participation and involvement. The groups were not ‘representative’ of all faculties/areas (in a formal sense).

The reference groups submitted their final reports to the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee in October. All recommendations arising from the groups will be subject to the University’s established committee and consultation processes.

Project descriptions and final reports are below. Implementation plans will follow.

Dr Kevin Morris
Director, Learning and Teaching




Final Reports & Implementation Plans (Staff Only)

Graduate Profile Review

Review the University’s undergraduate Graduate Profile to ensure alignment with the Strategic Plan 2013-2020 goals and aspirations.

Graduate Profile Review Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Curriculum Mapping Develop a process for mapping where graduate attributes are embedded in curricula across programmes and courses in order to develop a collective and informed approach to the planning and development of the curriculum, and ensure alignment of learning objectives and graduate profiles.

Curriculum Mapping Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Learning & Teaching Technologies Review Review the University’s key technology systems supporting the Teaching and Learning environment, with a particular focus on Learning Management Systems (LMS) which currently include CECIL and Moodle. The aim is to identify the platform/systems/tools that will best support the University’s strategic teaching and learning objectives and future institutional needs.

Learning & Teaching Technologies Review Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Learning and Teaching Continuity Plan Develop a learning and teaching continuity plan to manage the impact of an unexpected emergency or disruptive event. Such a plan would detail the strategies, methods and tools that could assist staff in the delivery of course materials and content in the event of an emergency (or any period of significant disruption), and maintain resilient channels of communication between and among lecturers and students.

Learning & Teaching Continuity Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Mobile Apps for Teaching

Investigate how the University can best support teachers to implement classroom applications with mobile devices.


Mobile Apps for Teaching Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Writing Skills at Stage One

Investigate how local writing skills initiatives can be supported and how a more co-ordinated approach will assist students across all disciplines.


Writing Skills at Stage One Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Student Tracking

Building on the work of a current project on First Year Transitions, we wil examine current practice and use of learning analytics tools to monitor student performance in the First Year. A cross-faculty group will work to share and develop tools which align with institutional reporting.


Student Tracking Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Experiential Learning

Examine current practice and disseminate ideas for establishing experiential learning experiences and supporting teachers and students to engage with external groups and organisations.


Experiential Learning Final Report &

Implementation Plan

Learning and Teaching Evaluations

Explore learning evaluation tools and research their practice in other contexts.


Learning & Teaching Evaluations Final Report &

Implementation Plan