Winter Lecture Four - From whaling to whale watching Event as iCalendar

09 August 2016

1 - 2pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre B10, Building 109 (General Library)

Location: Cnr Princes and Alfred Streets, Auckland

Host: School of Humanities

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Rochelle Constantine or Dr Ryan Tucker Jones

Third in a series of six lectures on consecutive Tuesdays - Whales and us: The past, present and future

Winter Lecture Four - From whaling to whale watching

How did global opinion on the use of whales switch from one dominated in the 1960s by killing whales, to one in which whales became icons of conservation?  In this lecture, Olive Andrews will examine the changing cultural values, political rhetoric, and management strategies for whales and how they came to be worth more alive than dead. For a generation of New Zealand whalers; watching whales is now their passion.

Olive Andrews (Marine Programme Manager, Conservation International, University of Auckland) 

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