Exercise is medicine

27 July 2012

Physical inactivity is one of the greatest health problems of the 21st century. Although research indicates benefits from exercise in disease prevention and treatment, compliance is poor. The 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series, by scientists, an epidemiologist, and physicians will enlighten and engage the issues that confront physical inactivity when “Exercise is Medicine”.

Academics from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science and the Liggins Institute at The University of Auckland will present the lectures, along with visitors Professor Arthur Kramer from the University of Illinois and Professor Steven N. Blair from the University of South Carolina.

The evening series, organised by the Department of Sport and Exercise Science, begins on Tuesday 31 July with a lecture by Professor Kramer on what we know about physical activity and exercise and their influence on healthy minds and brains. Subsequent lectures will address nutrition and exercise, the long term benefits of exercise in pregnancy and early life, and the evidence supporting exercise as medicine.

Event: 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series: Exercise is Medicine
Dates: Four lectures on 31 July and 2, 7 and 9 August
Time: 7-8pm
Venue: Fisher and Paykel Appliances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road. Free admission. No bookings required.

For more information visit: www.auckland.ac.nz/vclectures