Alfred Street reopening

Auckland Transport’s upgrade of Alfred Street is nearing completion. As from Monday 30 May the road will reopen for authorised vehicular use (Except buses). The road and parking rules for Alfred Street remain unchanged from those in place before the works commenced.

With the reopening it is important that all users are reminded that pedestrian safety is paramount in this shared environment. Pedestrians should be aware of traffic movement in the area and use caution when crossing the street. Any authorised vehicles entering the street must use extreme caution when manoeuvring within the area to safeguard pedestrians.

To help manage the safe transition back to joint vehicular and pedestrian use, Auckland Transport parking enforcement officers, NZ Police, and Unisafe officers will work together to monitor activity in the street, to advise, and enforce the rules.

The following restrictions continue to apply to Alfred Street:

  1. No access to unauthorised vehicles
  2. No private vehicles
  3. No through traffic
  4. No parking
  5. No waiting
  6. No pick-ups or drop offs

The following restrictions apply to authorised vehicles:

  1. Authorised vehicles include: Auckland Transport buses (Link etc); Tamaki shuttle buses; delivery and service vehicles only on University business. No private vehicles allowed.
  2. Authorised users are reminded that the street has Pedestrian Mall status and operates as a shared vehicle/pedestrian environment. Care should be taken at all times to safeguard pedestrians.
  3. Traffic is one way only (Princes Street to Symonds Street).
  4. The speed limit is 10kph.
  5. Loading bays: Authorised delivery and service vehicles must use only the signposted loading bays and abide by the time limits indicated on the signs.
  6. No double parking in the street.
  7. No other street or footpath areas should be used for loading/unloading.
  8. Access to the Maidment/AUSA forecourt (red tiles) and KEIC loading bay (adjacent UBS) must only be via the vehicles crossings provided. Care should be taken when reversing from the loading bays.
  9. All the above restrictions will be enforced by Auckland Transport and NZ Police, with the assistance of Unisafe officers.

Private vehicle pick up/drop off
To assist with pick up/drop off, the operating hours of the short term parking on Princes Street have now been extended to 10pm. Private vehicles should not use Alfred Street for pick up/drop offs.