Measles alert

The Auckland Region is in the midst of a Measles outbreak. You may have read in the media that there has been a increased number of Measles cases and the University has been alerted to two confirmed cases within its community which are being managed at a local level.

We would ask you to take a moment to read the attached fact sheets produced from the Auckland Regional Public Health Service regarding prevention, signs and symptoms and management if you have contracted measles.


Measles is highly infectious and therefore is able transmit through the air via an infectious person coughing and sneezing. It is a serious viral disease, however can be prevented by immunisation. If you are unsure if you have been previously immunised check with your parents whether you were immunised as a child, or had measles in the past. If you are still in doubt you should contact your doctor to ascertain whether you need immunisation.

If you believe you have signs and symptoms of Measles please contact your doctor by phone first and alert them to a possible infection before going directly to their clinic. This will prevent transmission to others.

Please remain at home and do not come to work or attend classes until you are cleared fit and not infectious.

Should you require further information you can contact Auckland Regional Public Health Service on 09 623 4600 or via the Auckland Regional Public Health Service website.