Elections and appointments to new University Council

Six positions on the new University Council (commencing 01 January 2016) will be filled by election or appointment.

Two positions are to be filled by election:

  • one permanent member of the academic staff elected by permanent members of that staff
  • one permanent member of the professional staff elected by permanent members of that staff

Four positions are to be filled through appointment (by the current Council) following a call for expressions of interest:

  • one person, being Māori and able to advise Council on issues relevant to Māori
  • one person being an alumnus of the University of Auckland
  • two persons able to provide skills specified by Council, to be appointed by Council.

Elections for the academic and professional staff members on Council will commence later in September. A Notice of Election will be distributed through the VC Update of 23 September. Notices of Candidacy will close on 15 October 2015, and voting will commence on 4 November. This is a separate process from that applying to elections for University committees.

In the meantime, expressions of interest are being called for the remaining four positions. The closing date for expressions of interest is 5pm on Friday 09 October.

Details about the procedures for elections and for appointments following expressions of interest: Appointments to University of Auckland Council.

Stuart N. McCutcheon