Condolences for earthquake victims in central Italy and Myanmar

On behalf of the University of Auckland and myself, I extend our deepest sympathy to the people of Italy following the catastrophic 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck their country. In particular our thoughts and prayers are with Italian students at our University whose families, friends and acquaintances have suffered in the earthquake. We also extend our sympathies to those in Myanmar following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the country on Wednesday.

We have a number of students in Italy and our team moved quickly once we had word of the earthquake to establish that all members of the University known to be in the Umbria region were safe. We are not aware of any students or staff in Myanmar at this time.

Travellers in the area should register with MFAT’s official registration facility for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas; the site enables the New Zealand embassy to account for travellers’ safety and relay important information. See Safe Travel for more information and to register.


Any students requiring help should contact Rebecca Walkinton, Associate Director, Student Support Services, International Office:

Phone: + 64 9 233 6911
Mobile: +64 (0) 21 376 922


Staff who need assistance and have booked through APX should contact the University emergency travel provider Allianz Global Assistance:

Phone (costs reimbursed): +64 9 486 9025

Staff who need assistance and have not booked through APX can contact Rachelle Wenden:

Phone: + 64 9 923 7834


Stuart N. McCutcheon