France: Warning to University travellers

New Zealanders in France are asked to exercise a high degree of caution due to the current elevated threat of terrorism. This follows the attack on the Bastille Day celebration in Nice.

If you are in the area follow the instructions of the French authorities who are at present advising people to stay indoors. New Zealanders who require consular assistance are advised to contact the New Zealand Embassy in Paris on 01 45 01 43 43.  

More information is available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Travellers in the area should register with MFAT’s official registration facility for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas; the site enables the New Zealand embassy to account for travellers’ safety and relay important information. See Safe Travel.

Any students in France needing assistance, please contact Rebecca Walkinton in the International Student Information Centre on +64 9 373 7599 ext 86911 or at

Staff who need assistance and have booked through APX should contact the University emergency travel provider Allianz Global Assistance. Call (costs reimbursed): +64 9 486 9025.

Staff who need assistance and have not booked through APX can contact Rachelle Wenden on + 64 9 923 7834 or at