Student safety

We take the safety and welfare of all students in Auckland seriously and condemn the recent assaults on students. We want everyone to have a positive experience on and off the campuses.

Auckland is an incredibly safe city and a great place to live, work and study, however, like all international cities, there are opportunist offenders who will take advantage of people who sometimes inadvertently put themselves in vulnerable positions.

Police advice for students:

  • Walk in well-lit streets at night and, where possible, stay with other people.
  • Don’t have your personal items on display, this includes smart phones and other communication devices.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid any area which you feel might not be safe and always call the Police if you feel threatened or concerned for your safety.  
  • Always call the Police if you feel threatened or concerned for your safety.

Further information for students can be found on the New Zealand Police’s safety guide.

The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students to learn and study in. Download this handy brochure for simple tips and contact details to help you stay safe on campus:

In an emergency please call the Police on 111; Campus Security is available 24 hours on extension 85000.  Additional information and contact details are available on the University website at Personal safety and emergency contacts.


Professor Jenny Dixon
Acting Vice-Chancellor