Student club t-shirt choice

The University of Auckland was very disappointed with the t-shirt choice of one of its student clubs. However Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon said he was pleased to hear that when the Meat Club was approached and asked that the t-shirts not be worn on the basis that they objectify women and were offensive, they immediately agreed to stop wearing them.  

Club representatives said they had intended the t-shirt to be a humorous play on the ‘got milk’ campaign, but agreed it was poorly executed. They said they would work with the university in future on t-shirt/merchandise designs.

The Vice-Chancellor said  “We foster an environment where students must have the right to freedom of expression, but, just as in the outside world, a line will be drawn. We promote a respectful campus environment and we are pleased that students have responded quickly to rectify an error of judgement."


The University has zero tolerance for discrimination.