Postgraduate students

The University of Auckland offers a range of postgraduate study for those who wish to further develop their academic career.

Study options

Depending on your objectives for postgraduate study, there is a programme to suit – from graduate diplomas through to doctoral degrees. The programmes offered at the University include:

  • Graduate Diploma
  • Diploma
  • Bachelors (Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Postgraduate Certificate
  • Masters
  • Doctoral (PhD)

Get more information on How postgraduate programmes are structured.

To see Pacific research at a doctoral level, see SPEAR: Pacific Doctoral Research.

Entry requirements and application

What you will need to get entry into a postgraduate programme will vary depending on which programme you are applying for.

If you are applying for entry from another tertiary institute, you will need to submit your academic transcripts as part of the application process.

Get an overview of the different Entry requirements.

The application process for Doctoral programmes is different to other postgraduate programmes with prospective doctoral candidates required to submit, among other things, an Application for Admission (AfA)

If you are interested in studying a doctoral programme, get more information about How to find a supervisor and apply for a PhD.

Postgraduate support and services

The University of Auckland offers a range of support services for its postgraduate students. There is also more specific services for Pacific students that is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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For a list of support available to all postgraduate students at the University, please read more about Support and services.