• Cate MacInnes-Ng
    What climate change will do to our forests
    24 October 2017
    Dr Cate Macinnis-Ng, Environment, researches the impact climate change will have on Auckland.
  • th-catherine-stephens
    A peek at the future of work
    23 October 2017
    Catherine Stephens, Career Development and Employability Services, looks at opportunities the ‘fourth generation industrial revolution’ could bring next generation Kiwis.
  • t-anne-salmond_th_64
    Dame Anne Salmond: A new start for NZ
    20 October 2017
    Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond (Anthropology) says the new government must clean up and restore our democracy as well as our waterways.
  • Daniel Hikuroa
    Kaitiakitanga – it is our only hope
    16 October 2017
    Dr Dan Hikuroa (Māori Studies) challenges Aucklanders to start practising kaitiakitanga to manage natural resources.
  • th-jenny-kruger
    Childbirth is never one size fits all
    11 October 2017
    Dr Jenny Kruger and Dr Alys Clark, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, talk about their research into technology to help women before and after childbirth.
  • t-carol-mutch
    Terror on TV: What do I say to my children?
    05 October 2017
    Associate Professor Carol Mutch, Critical Studies, asks how we can help children cope with fears brought about by exposure to the horrors of mass tragedy.
  • th-susan-st-john-web
    Time to scrap unfair spouse pension rule
    29 September 2017
    Hon Associate Professor Susan St John (Economics) pleas for a new coalition to scrap the pension rule which penalises people for being married to the 'wrong' person.
  • th-wender-martins
    Bootstrapping keeps firms in NZ longer
    22 September 2017
    Professor Kenneth Husted and PhD Candidate Wender Martins are researching the relationship between how firms fund their growth, and the motivations to go off-shore.
  • t-dame-anne-salmond
    Dame Anne Salmond: A final, brief election thought
    20 September 2017
    Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond urges the country to hand the parliamentary reins over to a new generation and end the grip of neo-liberalism.
  • th-bill-mckay
    NZ needs bold action to save Generation Rent
    15 September 2017
    Bill McKay (Architecture and Planning) says New Zealand needs to get serious about rental market reform to save Generation Rent.
  • t-sophie-tamati
    Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: Pay Te Reo speakers a premium
    13 September 2017
    Leading educationist Dr Sophie Tauwehe Tamati says employers should pay Te Reo speakers a premium. Rewarding bilingual employees would be good for business and good for fostering the Māori language, she says.
  • th-jade-le-grice
    It’s never too late to learn te reo Māori
    12 September 2017
    Reflecting on the importance of te reo Māori in contemporary life helps ensure we can learn and practice te reo Māori without carrying the baggage of shame that was inflicted upon our ancestors who dared to speak their mother tongue, writes Dr Jade Le Grice.
  • t-Julia-Gatley
    100 years of New Zealand architecture
    08 September 2017
    Associate Professor Julia Gatley (Architecture and Planning) reflects on 100 years of architecture at the University of Auckland and the centenary celebrations.
  • t-michael-obrien
    Social investment alone won’t cure troubled lives
    08 September 2017
    Associate Professor Michael O’Brien (Counselling, Human Services and Social Work) says social investment that targets those at ‘at risk’ is no substitute for reducing poverty and deprivation.
  • t-jennifer-lees-marshment
    An acute case of tunnel vision
    06 September 2017
    Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment (Politics and International Relations) accuses Bill English of failing to look Jacinda Ardern in the eye and hiding his genuine passion for social investment during the TV3 leaders’ debate.
  • t-gehan_th_64
    Privacy legislation for the modern age
    06 September 2017
    Associate Professor Gehan Gunasekara, Department of Commercial Law claims the Privacy Act is no longer fit for purpose and reform is long overdue.
  • th-margaret-stanley
    Wild Auckland needs some untidy Kiwis
    05 September 2017
    Dr Margaret Stanley (Biology Science) talks to Newsroom about the importance of letting nature flourish in an urban environment ahead of her Vice-Chancellor lecture on September 13.
  • Dr Chris Wilson
    Ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Myanmar military
    05 September 2017
    Dr Chris Wilson (Politics and International Relations) says the international community must act to stop ethnic cleansing by the military in Myanmar.
  • t-Martin East
    A woefully inadequate language proposal
    05 September 2017
    Associate Professor Martin East (Curriculum and Pedagogy) is completely underwhelmed by National’s ‘woefully inadequate’ language learning policy announced primary schools.
  • th-kim-dirks
    A better life in the big city
    04 September 2017
    Associate Professor Kim Dirks (Population Health) talks to Newsroom about the need for urban planners make walking and cycling trips more pleasant to encourage people out of their cars – the subject of her Vice-Chancellor lecture on September 4.