• th-emma-willis
    Stage Challenge demise marks struggle within arts education
    22 January 2018
    Dr Emma Willis (Drama) makes a connection between the end of Stage Challenge and attitudes towards arts subjects.
  • t-felicity_barnes
    Why we need to teach our own history
    22 January 2018
    Dr Felicity Barnes, History, urges New Zealanders to learn more about our homegrown history and value the work of our own historians.
  • Nikola Overall
    Healthy conflict makes families stronger
    17 January 2018
    Associate Professor Nickola Overall, Psychology, explains how healthy conflict within families can make those relationships stronger.
  • th-liz-beddoe
    The battle for admiration in a hero-worship world
    16 January 2018
    Associate Professor Liz Beddoe (Counselling, Human Services and Social Work) looks at social worker perceptions held by media, public and sector professionals.
  • Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley
    Will 2018 bring deeper disasters or rebounding reforms?
    10 January 2018
    Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley (Politics and International Relations) believes 2018 will not be a year of catastrophe despite worrying global concerns.
  • Rachel Williams
    Summer blogging keeps kids ‘match fit’
    04 January 2018
    Dr Rachel Williams, Woolf Fisher Research Centre, explains how a blogging project is once again helping youngsters beat the ‘summer slump’.
  • t-ian-hyslop
    High hopes for children
    29 December 2017
    Dr Ian Hyslop, Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, explains ‘hunting monsters’ won’t solve child abuse and the impact of poverty must be recognised.
  • t-ciara-cremin
    What’s in a dress?
    22 December 2017
    Dr Ciara Cremin, Sociology, explains the politics behind her decision to make women’s clothing and makeup her every day wear.
  • th-liz-beddoe
    Tragic deaths must not mean surveillance
    18 December 2017
    Associate Professor Liz Beddoe, Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, argues that a register of all children will not protect against caregiver abuse.
  • Dr Allen Bartley
    Allen Bartley – I love working with social workers
    18 December 2017
    As an ‘applied sociologist’, Dr Allen Bartley, Head of the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, reflects on why social work goes hand in hand with teaching and gives five reasons why he loves working with social workers.
  • Lizzie Krissansen at her desk at BNZ
    “It’s not either/or” – degrees still relevant in today’s business world
    15 December 2017
    Alumna and BNZ star performer Lizzie Krissansen and her manager, Head of Enterprise Insight, Sarah Cawsey, on the value of a university qualification for 21st century careers.
  • t-dame-anne-salmond
    Anne Salmond: Forestry plan not out of the woods
    14 December 2017
    Dame Anne Salmond, Distinguished Professor Anthropology, wants the Forestry Service re-established using lessons learnt from the past.
  • t-jean-rockel
    ‘Serve and return’ is how young kids learn
    11 December 2017
    Jean Rockel, Learning, Development and Professional Practice, says early education needs well-trained staff and small groups to nurture young children.
  • th-auckland-housing
    Auckland housing’s 100-year-old problems
    11 December 2017
    Ella Arbury (PhD student, History) says Auckland must look to the past to solve housing problems.
  • t-dr-melenaite-taumoefolau_th_64
    Tongans walking in the democratic dark
    05 December 2017
    Dr Melenaite Taumoefolau, Pacific Studies, questions election victory for the democratic party in Tonga when democracy has no word or meaning in Tongan culture.
  • Professor Stephen May thumbnail
    To all te reo Māori haters out there ...
    01 December 2017
    Professor Stephen May, Te Puna Wānanga, challenges te reo ‘haters’ to open their minds to multilingualism and learn the language unique to New Zealand.
  • th-nicolas-smith-2013
    Working with businesses
    01 December 2017
    Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Nic Smith, shares some of the opportunities for businesses to work with the University to improve business growth and efficiency.
  • Wendy Kerr
    Giving students the entrepreneurship edge
    01 December 2017
    Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Wendy Kerr, talks about how they are building students entrepreneurial capability and mind shift to thrive in this new world of work.
  • Andy Shenk
    Bringing ideas to life
    01 December 2017
    Auckland UniServices CEO, Andy Shenk, talks about their role in the University of Auckland ecosystem and how they combine emerging entrepreneurial talent with deep intellectual property created by world-class researchers and their students.
  • th-darl-kolb
    AI: If you can’t beat it, join it
    27 November 2017
    Professor Darl Kolb argues we should accept robots do certain jobs better than us and instead focus on our human qualities and what we do better than machines.