• t-dame-anne-salmond
    Dame Anne Salmond: It’s the end of an era
    04 September 2017
    Professor Dame Anne Salmond (Anthropology) argues against the politics of greed and believes pre-election polls reveal free market costs have become too much to bear for young smart New Zealanders.
  • t-jennifer-lees-marshment
    Why your vote counts more than ever
    01 September 2017
    Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment (Politics and International Relations) explains why voting in this election is more important than ever.
  • th-susan-st-john-web
    The murky, illogical world of life on a benefit
    01 September 2017
    Hon Associate Professor Susan St John (Economics) reveals the dark, illogical world of benefits where even a loan may be called income.
  • t-fiona-ell-2012
    Education: The new election battleground
    30 August 2017
    Dr Fiona Ell (Curriculum and Pedagogy) and Megan Clune (Woolf Fisher Research Centre) comment on education issues brought into the election spotlight.
  • t-jayne-godfrey
    Let's get our game on NZ!
    28 August 2017
    Professors Jayne Godfrey and Rod McNaughton discuss how the University of Auckland Business School is working with businesses who can benefit from digital disruption and the need for digital transformation to enable growth and global expansion.
  • th-minced-meat
    Is lab-grown meat endangering the farm?
    28 August 2017
    Jack Marshall (student, Politics and International Relations) discusses if lab produced meat and dairy will threaten New Zealand farming or bring fresh opportunity.
  • th-rachel-simon-kumar
    New restrictions will create migrant hierarchy
    28 August 2017
    Dr Rachel Simon-Kumar (social and community health) claims pre-election immigration policies are categorising diversity through wealth and class rather than race.
  • tb-james-russell
    A predator-free NZ our latest obsession
    24 August 2017
    New Zealanders like to show the world how to do things properly, so we don’t want to stop with the job of eradicating predators only half done, says Dr James Russell.
  • th-bruce-cohen
    Mental health labels move with the times
    23 August 2017
    Dr Bruce Cohen (Sociology) asks if the world is becoming more mentally ill, or are we just more effective at labelling conditions?
  • stephen-hoadley_tb
    North Korea: a dual threat to NZ
    22 August 2017
    Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley (Politics and International Relations) discusses the threat North Korea poses to New Zealand, directly and indirectly.
  • t-jennifer-curtin
    A more equal election on the cards
    22 August 2017
    Associate Professor Jennifer Curtin (Politics and International Relations) analyses the 2014 general election in a co-authored book which examines public opinion and voting choices.
  • t-christina-stringer
    International students deserve better than exploitation
    18 August 2017
    Associate Professor Christina Stringer, Management and International Business, says international students make an important contribution to New Zealand and they must be protected from exploitation.
  • t-steve-matthewman_th_64
    Benefit fraud vs tax evasion: NZ’s hypocrisy
    16 August 2017
    Associate Professor Steve Matthewman, Sociology, contrasts the meteoric rise of Jacinda Ardern and fall from grace of Metiria Turei, and examines what it says about New Zealand.
  • th-r-hoda-k-blincoe-c-watson
    Women, software engineering needs you
    15 August 2017
    Associate Professor Catherine Watson, Dr Rashina Hoda and Dr Kelly Blincoe, Electrical and Computing Engineering, explain why women deserve a seat at the engineering and technology table.
  • t-john-hosking
    Fostering science’s accidental collisions
    14 August 2017
    Professor John Hosking, Dean of Science, explains how the stunning new Science Centre symbolises how the sciences must be taught to inspire new generations.
  • t-jennifer-curtin
    Why are we still ignoring women’s rugby?
    11 August 2017
    The Black Ferns are New Zealand's premier rugby team if ‘winning’ international tournaments is counted as the measure of success, so why do we keep ignoring them? asks the University of Auckland's Jennifer Curtin
  • Professor Stephen May thumbnail
    Why no one wants to teach in New Zealand
    10 August 2017
    Professor Stephen May, Te Puna Wananga, blames the low status of teaching for falling numbers of graduates entering the profession and claims this could be reversed if New Zealand followed the Finnish example.
  • th-louise-humpage
    Immigration: What’s the problem?
    31 July 2017
    Immigration researcher Dr Louise Humpage says New Zealand politicians need to figure out what problem they're trying to solve before introducing 'solutions' that may backfire.
  • th-paul-geertsema
    How to beat the market
    28 July 2017
    Dr Paul Geertsema talks about whether it is possible to beat the share market without relying on luck.
  • th-digital-use-in-class
    Digital curriculum completely misses the point
    21 July 2017
    Megan Clune (Woolf Fisher Research Centre) argues the government’s digital curriculum is missing the point of technology in education.