• Luke Goode
    What does Mark Zuckerberg want?
    06 July 2017
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wields a kind of power that we're only just beginning to understand, writes Media and Communication's Associate Professor Luke Goode.
  • th-maureen-benson-rea
    EU-NZ trade deal done right offers broad benefits
    30 June 2017
    Dr Maureen Benson-Rea talks about New Zealand’s business relationships with the EU and the importance of upcoming negotiations for a EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement.
  • Deidre Brown
    How a stolen taonga with a big story came home
    22 June 2017
    Associate Professor Deidre Brown, Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, celebrates the Te Pahi Medal going on display at Te Papa.
  • t-carol-mutch
    Finally, vindication for Christchurch schools
    22 June 2017
    From the quiet heroes of the earthquake recovery to little more than collateral damage, the way Christchurch schools were mistreated is finally recognised, writes the University of Auckland's Carol Mutch.
  • Dr Chris Wilson
    Understanding terror in the West
    21 June 2017
    Dr Chris Wilson, Politics and International Relations, warns that we need to be careful about how we talk about terrorism and who we blame.
  • Ryan Greenaway McGrevy
    Our environment’s crucial role in the economy
    15 June 2017
    Dr Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Economics, says the personhood status of the Whanganui River will help us recognise how the environment contributes to the economy.
  • t-jannie
    Early language capability begins at home
    13 June 2017
    Dr Jannie van Hees, AUL Project Director, talks about research into early oral language defines the major factor affecting children’s language development is the quality and quantity of language available in their first three years of life
  • th-papaarangi-reid
    Third medical school will not improve Māori health
    13 June 2017
    After significant investment and comprehensive initiatives, there are currently 373 Māori medical students studying at Otago and Auckland. Between us we graduated 79 in 2016. So the Māori medical workforce is young and rapidly growing.
  • th-liz-beddoe
    Short end of the stick for social work
    11 June 2017
    Associate Professor Liz Beddoe, Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, acknowledges making registration mandatory for social workers is important, but is not sufficient on its own to strengthen the profession.
  • th-julie-macarthur
    Forget Trump, NZ must up its own climate change game
    07 June 2017
    Dr Julie MacArthur, Politics and International Relations, talks about Trump, the Paris Agreement and the need for NZ to tackle climate change at home.
  • t-Toni.Bruce
    Why the America’s Cup pushes our patriotic buttons
    05 June 2017
    Professor Toni Bruce, Curriculum and Pedagogy, analyses nationalism and New Zealand’s mixed relationship with the America’s Cup.
  • t-john-morgan-inaugural-lecture
    Could a divided kingdom vote out Theresa May?
    05 June 2017
    Professor John Morgan, Curriculum and Pedagogy, looks at the tensions in the days approaching the UK general election and predicts the outcome will be a significant moment.
  • Professor John Fraser
    Anti-vaccine lobbyists threaten young lives
    01 June 2017
    Professor John Fraser, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Dean, condemns anti-vaccination film and urges protection of all children from ‘horrific diseases’.
  • Brian Stocking
    Why Auckland’s port should stay in Auckland
    31 May 2017
    Brian Stocking, CSCM Associate Director, Faculty of Business and Economics, talks about the future of Auckland’s ports and why they should stay in the city.
  • susan-st-john-br
    Time to break open NZ’s decades-long poverty trap
    30 May 2017
    Associate Professor Susan St John, director of the Retirement Policy and Research Centre, talks about the negative impact government financial policies have had on working New Zealand families for almost three decades.
  • th-reece-roberts
    Forget lie detectors, brain waves could tell all
    29 May 2017
    Dr Reece Roberts, Psychology, raises questions over the use of brain wave technology as the latest breakthrough in forensic evidence.
  • fiona-kennedy-br
    Is New Zealand being managed, rather than led?
    28 May 2017
    Dr Fiona Kennedy, New Zealand Leadership Institute at the Business School, talks about New Zealand’s need for a government that leads rather than manages and asks politicians to stop using dull language and start engaging people’s imaginations.
  • shaun-hendy-web
    Data science needed to reveal the secrets of big, complex data
    26 May 2017
    Professor Shaun Hendy from the Department of Physics talks about handling large and complex collections of data isn't as easy as some might think, and what data scientists can do about it.
  • th-tom-gregory
    Cohesion and commonality the best tools against terror
    26 May 2017
    Dr Tom Gregory, Politics and International Relations, reflects on his own reaction to the news from Manchester, where he has lived, studied and worked, and how its citizens will cope with the aftermath.
  • Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley
    Trump’s man to NZ wants a fair go
    24 May 2017
    Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley, Politics and International Relations, gives his view of the new US envoy appointed to New Zealand, Scott Brown.