• t-Paula Morris
    Paula Morris: Making noise for Māori writers
    10 May 2017
    Dr Paula Morris, senior lecturer in English, Drama and Writing Studies, is disappointed at the lack of Māori writers on the Ockham NZ Book Awards shortlist. She urges us all to support our national literature by buying more novels, collections and anthologies by Māori writers.
  • Dr Chris Wilson
    The weaponisation of blasphemy in Indonesia
    10 May 2017
    Dr Chris Wilson, senior lecturer in Politics and International Relations, discusses the imprisonment of Jakarta’s outgoing governor on charges of blasphemy.
  • Damon-Salesa-Thumbnail
    Auckland: city of cultural segregation
    08 May 2017
    Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the Centre for Pacific Studies and Te Wananga o Waipapa speaks about residential segregation in Auckland and other issues affecting the Pacific community.
  • Nicolas Pirsoul
    The troublesome reality of the French election
    08 May 2017
    Nicolas Pirsoul, graduate teaching assistant in Politics and International Relations, reflects on the results of the French presidential elections.
  • Christine Rubie-Davies
    The more teachers expect, the bigger the gains
    08 May 2017
    Professor Christine Rubie-Davies, Learning, Development and Professional Practice, talks about the impact of high teacher expectation on creating an equitable education system.
  • th-pierre-quenneville
    Tectonus Ltd
    05 May 2017
    Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor Pierre Quenneville writes about Tectonus Limited, and its platform and patented technology, the Resilient Slip Friction Joint (RSFJ).
  • t-Deborah Walker
    Debunking an ‘alternative fact’ of the French election
    04 May 2017
    Deborah Walker, Associate Professor, Cultures, Languages and Linguistics, challenges the media response to misquoting of a comment by Emmanuel Macron during the run-up to the French presidential election.
  • steven-knight-lenihan
    Changing the thinking over Auckland’s cycling network
    03 May 2017
    Dr Stephen Knight-Lenihan, senior lecturer in Architecture and Planning, wants Auckland Council to look ahead and complete a cycle network around the city.
  • Jemaima Tiatia-Seath
    Tackling the silence around Pacific youth suicide
    03 May 2017
    Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath, a senior lecturer in Pacific Studies, is tackling the silence around Pacific youth suicide.
  • t-peter-oconnor
    Interpreting Hekia Parata’s legacy
    30 April 2017
    Professor Peter O’Connor speaks out on the legacy left on New Zealand education by retiring Education Minister Hekias Parata.
  • Professor Suzanne Wilkinson
    Post-quake resilience: Lessons learned from subcontractors in Christchurch
    28 April 2017
    Professor Suzanne Wilkinson of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering writes about capacity building, innovation and upskilling within the construction sector and the supply and management of skilled labour for the National Business Review.
  • t-felicity_barnes
    Anzac: Myth and memory
    24 April 2017
    Dr Felicity Barnes, Senior Lecturer in History in the Faculty of Arts, marked ANZAC Day with a piece on the myths and realities of Gallipoli and the contribution, and losses, of New Zealand troops on the Western Front.
  • Dr Darren Powell
    Schools not the place to wage war on obesity
    21 April 2017
    Dr Darren Powell is a lecturer in Health and Physical Education at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education and Social Work. His current research focuses on the childhood obesity epidemic.
  • Dr Stephen  Noakes
    A new Cold War or just empty bluster?
    20 April 2017
    Dr Stephen Noakes, Politics and International Relations/Asian Studies and Jake Cowan, PhD candidate in Asian Studies, examine the stand-off between the US and North Korea and the possibilities of a new Cold War, or just empty bluster.
  • p-alex-sims
    A robot tax to save human jobs?
    19 April 2017
    Associate Professor of Commercial Law, Alex Sims, comments in a news story on the possibility of a ‘robot tax’ in New Zealand as the impact of automation becomes a reality.
  • mike-lee-web
    Business with a conscience: here to stay?
    18 April 2017
    Senior lecturer Dr Mike Lee, Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, is quoted in a news story on the rising trend of businesses operating with a social conscience.
  • Steve-Hoadley_tb
    Missiles on Syria: An academic view
    17 April 2017
    Stephen Hoadley, Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations, examines the US missile strike on a Syrian military air base from an academic point of view.
  • Dr Stephen Winter
    Proper response needed to abuse in care
    10 April 2017
    Dr Stephen Winter, Assistant Dean (Academic), Faculty of Arts, sets out the steps the government must follow for an effective response to those who suffered abuse in care institutions.
  • Luke Goode
    The troll: a dark shadow on the internet
    10 April 2017
    Associate Professor Luke Goode, Media and Communications in the Faculty of Arts, looks at internet trolls and suggests there could be a positive side to their dark activity.
  • Male child alone
    Grave concerns over new ministry
    07 April 2017
    Dr Ian Hyslop, Senior Lecturer, Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, comments on the newly-launched Ministry for Vulnerable Children and his concerns that it is under-resourced and a step backwards.