AI: If you can’t beat it, join it

27 November 2017
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Professor Darl Kolb

In a video interview with Newsroom, Kolb says while talk about machines taking our jobs is concerning, people need to work more closely with machines in our future.

"Rather than seeing machines as our opponent, what we ought to think about is what machines do well – and they do a lot of things much better than we do. But also, what do we as humans do better than machines? And if we concentrate on that, it becomes a different story for us to think about."

Watch the video on Newsroom.


Dr Darl Kolb is a Professor in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland's Business School. Darl is a pioneering theorist on social and technical connectivity and the first Professor of Connectivity in the world. He has published articles on the states of connectivity and the metaphor of connectivity in Organization Studies and 'requisite connectivity' in Organizational Dynamics, and is currently studying how connectivity affects performance and well-being.

Used with permission from NewsroomAI: If you can’t beat it, join it published on Monday 27 November 2017.