Electronic Cigarettes: Opportunity or Threat?

New Zealand symposium at the University of Auckland.

E-cigarette Symposium held 12 March 2015 was organised by Prof Chris Bullen, NIHI (School of Population Health) at the Owen G Glenn building, University of Auckland. Approximately 150 people attended the sypmosium which was streamed live to an internet audience.


This symposium was hosted by the Centre of Addiction Research and the NZ Tobacco Control Research Tūranga, and brought together a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in e-cigarettes. The meeting provided a forum for up-to-date evidence from local and international research on e-cigarettes. Consumers (‘vapers’), regulators and policy makers, leading Māori health thinkers, legal experts, tobacco control advocates and healthcare providers brought their perspective.


Keynote Speaker

Professor Wayne Hall – Wayne is a Professorial Fellow and an NHMRC Australia Fellow in addiction neuroethics at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research and University of Queensland Brain Institute. He is also Visiting Professor at the National Addiction Centre, Kings College London and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW, Sydney. Over the past 20 years he has led research in the fields of addiction, mental health and public health.