University students make thousands of dollars in days

01 April 2014

Around 300 students from the University of Auckland, all residents of its O’Rorke Hall of Residence, took just three days to put together almost $24,000.

The students took part in the Child Cancer Foundation’s annual Beads of Courage Street Appeal, which ran from the 21 to the 23 of March. They raised a total of $23, 837, all of which will be donated to the charity.

CCFs National Manager for Fundraising Sue Jury is impressed with the students’ efforts. “This is an amazing result especially given that there is a different charity collecting on Auckland streets almost every day. CCF is incredibly proud of every student involved and so very thankful for the amount raised – these students are making a very real and meaningful difference for children and families affected by childhood cancer.”

The secret to success may be in the competitive nature between the floors of O’Rorke, typical for a student residence, where each compete to see who can contribute the most towards the final total.

For the first day of collection, each floor was allocated to a specific site in the collection area of Parnell, Newmarket, and the City Centre. For the other two days, the teams were free to roam and collect wherever they thought best.

While all efforts were notable (at an average of around $2,000) the title for 2014 will rest with the eighth floor,
which raised over $4,250, and were presented a Certificate of Recognition from CCF.

It is the seventh year O’Rorke has fundraised for the charity since 2006, raising a total in excess of $120,000, which includes last year’s collection of $26,000 – a national record by one volunteer group collecting for CCF.

“We wanted to establish a long term relationship with CCF, with a view to getting our students to do some volunteer work for them, outside of street collections, such as visiting and spending time with some of the children and their families,” says Ruben Katigbak, Resident Manager at O’Rorke.

“A lot of our students did a lot of extracurricular work in high school and I strongly encourage them to carry that on. It’s important for students to do volunteer work and to get involved with the community.”

O’Rorke Hall of Residence fundraising for CCF

  • 2014 - $23,836.70
  • 2013 - $26,001. 00
  • 2012 - $23,000.00
  • 2011 – $9,597.60
  • 2009 - $12,696.30
  • 2007 - $17,903.75
  • 2006 - $10,000.00

O’Rorke Hall of Residence fundraising for other charities

  • 2013 - $2,286.00, for the Breast Cancer Foundation
  • 2010 - $9,104.00, for the Red Puppy Appeal
  • 2008 - $10,692.90, for the Red Puppy Appeal, and $4,665.90 for the Cure Kids Foundation
  • 2006 - $10,000.00 for the Red Puppy Appeal