University Challenge

University of Auckland students put their knowledge to the test on New Zealand television.

University of Auckland University Challenge team (from left) Alistair Kendrick, Caitlin Smart, Tim Hickey, Isabella Coventry, Adam Clearwater
(from left) Alistair Kendrick, Caitlin Smart, Tim Hickey, Isabella Coventry, Adam Clearwater

Twenty-five years since last on New Zealand television, University Challenge, the general knowledge contest among New Zealand universities, is set for a return with a brand new series screening on Prime. Each week rival universities across NZ will match wits to see who has superior general knowledge and the ultimate mental dexterity.

University Challenge screens on Prime TV, Saturday mornings from November 22 2014.

Meet the University of Auckland team

Tim Hickey
Tim Hickey

Meet Tim Hickey!

Home Town: Henderson, Auckland

Currently studying: Graduated BCom, now studying Law (LLB)

Subjects of strength: Sports, Geography, the 80s/90s

Hobbies: In my spare time I help out at the Waitakere Community Law Centre (in Henderson, where I grew up), play hockey and am a rookie debater.

Fun fact: When University Challenge last appeared on NZ screens, Tim Shadbolt was the mayor of my city (the then-Waitemata City)

Isabella Coventry
Isabella Coventry

Meet Isabella Coventry!

Home town: Pakuranga, Auckland

Currently studying: 5th year BA(Hons) in Politics

Subjects of strength: Politics, literature, history

Hobbies: Yoga, writing

Fun fact: Rather good at making sushi.

Adam Clearwater
Adam Clearwater

Meet Adam Clearwater!

Home Town: Burnham, near Christchurch

Currently studying: 3rd year BA/BSc in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Subjects of Strength: The sciences, geography

Hobbies: Pub quizzes, football, golf

Fun Fact: Appeared in the TV show "New Zealand's Brainiest Kid" (but was eliminated in the first round)

Caitlin Smart
Caitlin Smart

Meet Caitlin Smart!

Hometown: Swanson, Auckland

Currently studying: 1st year BA/BSc in Economics and Statistics

Quiz Strengths: History and Religion

Hobbies: Volunteering and writing

Fun Fact: Once helped organise accommodation for 6 tourists, in Franz Josef, on New Year’s Eve, with a budget of only $120

Alistair Kendrick
Alistair Kendrick

Meet Alistair Kendrick!

Original Home Town: Pakuranga, Auckland

Currently studying: 4th year BA/BSc in biology and anthropology

Subjects of strength: Science, history, classics

Hobbies: Rovers (Scouts for 18-26 year olds), debating and skiing

Fun fact: When I was 8, I was the King of the fantastical Caplicorn Ocean, a marine empire under Europe, Asia and Africa