About the Research Office

Adding value to the University's research effort.

Role of the Research Office

The Research Office is a strategic service delivery provider (to Senior Management Team, faculties, Large Scale Research Institutes, schools and academic departments, researchers, and administrators) with delegated oversight for:

  • Upholding the University's research strategy.
  • Developing and supplying methodologies for tactical engagement with funders.
  • Oversight and governance of policies to support research and related activities.
  • Outward facing responsibilities and accountability to funders and regulatory bodies.
  • Translation of external and cross-university intelligence.
  • Enforcement of legislative and regulatory research related requirements internally.

These activities enable the University to execute key actions and milestones to meet the objectives of the University's Strategic Plan 2013 to 2020.

Goal of the Research Office

Our goal is to increase the odds of winning external research income and expedite the grants management process in a timely manner cognisant of all legal, contractual, financial, ethical and reputational risks so that researcher are continuously supported to win more money to do more research.

Research Office values

The Research Office has a core set of 5 values:

  • Service excellence
  • Being ahead of the game
  • United as one team
  • Supportive environment
  • Perspicacity

For more information about the Research Office, please contact: researchoffice@auckland.ac.nz.